Founder’s Note

Are you the type of person who wants luxurious bedding that is silky smooth, utterly durable, beautifully made and yet also made with respect for the environment and the humans involved in its production? If that sounds like you then our duvet covers and sheets are exactly what you need.

In my quest to buy luxury organic bedding that has been made from environmentally friendly cotton and made by workers that have been treated fairly, I drew a blank. So I decided to create it myself.

House of March is the first New Zealand company to produce Fairtrade certified, organic certified bedding. We create luxurious organic duvet covers, sheet sets and pillowcases made from the world’s softest organic cotton, and without the human toll. Our mission is to change the textiles industry from within.

You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so make it count.

x Lisa

house of march founder

If you ask yourself if it is possible to change the world through everyday decisions, the answer is yes.

a photo of an fair-trade farmer

Ethical Bedding

At House Of March, ethical bedding means bedding that has been created with respect for the environment and for the workers in the supply chain.

Our ethos is to provide work opportunity for the organic farmers and factory workers who devote their lives to growing and crafting chemical free cotton products.

We are a Fairtrade certified company. This means that we have a completely transparent supply chain. We only work with other Fairtrade certified companies, and Organic certified mills and factories.

House of March is proud to produce organic bedding consisting of duvet covers, sheet sets and pillowcases that have been made without adverse affect to the environment, or the people involved in growing and creating our beautiful products.

If you ask yourself if opting to buy organic products makes a difference, the answer is yes.


No brand name mark ups. No middle men. No third party store costs.

By selling direct to the consumer House of March is able to supply you with the highest quality luxury Fairtrade certified, organic bedding at the best price.

We also have full traceability of our organic cotton so we know that it has been grown to the highest organic standards and that it contains no nasty chemicals.

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Designed in New Zealand, made by the world’s leading artisans.

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Being ethical doesn’t mean we scrimp on the design process.

Timeless design, faultless quality, excellent craftsmanship. House of March duvet covers, sheets sets and pillowcases are everything you could want in high end organic bedding. Our percale range is perfectly crisp and our sateen range is gorgeously smooth.

Our aim is to bring you unfussy, neutral colour palates that will fit in with your modern, busy lives and inspire you to sleep well.