10 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Bed Sheets

Curtains Made From Old Bed Sheets

We are always on the look out for new upcycling ideas at House of March so we have created a list of fab ideas for breathing new life into your old bed sheets.

1) Turn your old bedsheets into curtains. If your old bed sheets are still in good condition, and you like the fabric, then you can make them into curtains. If you want to change the colour first then you can easily dye most bedding fabrics. Check out the Frugal Homemaker for easy instructions on how to make curtains from your sheets.

2) Use old bed sheets as a picnic blanket. If you have a car, keep an old bed sheet in the trunk to use as a picnic blanket or as something to sit on when at the beach (also excellent for throwing over the car seat after a swim to protect your leather).

3) Donate old bed sheets to a local animal shelter. Often shelters such as such as Pet Rescue or the SPCA will use old sheets for providing warm bedding or lining pet cages, cleaning up messes, drying off wet animals, and even for covering kennel spaces when animals need a rest from the light. It will pay to give your shelter a call first to make sure that they are accepting items.

4) Turn old bed sheets into ironing board covers. This is a great use of your old bed sheets and blankets as thick blankets make ideal ironing board pads. See how to do it at Craftsy.

5) Keep old bed sheets to use as painting drop cloths. Don’t bother going to your hardware store and paying for a drop sheet when you can just as easily use your old bed sheets!

6) Use your old bed sheets to make a tablecloth or napkins. See how to make super cute, vintage napkins at Design Sponge.

7) Make a painting smock. Simply cut a hole in the middle of your old bed sheet and pop your head through it. Cut two holes for your arms to go through and you have something to wear when painting to protect your clothes.

8) Turn your old bed sheets into storage bags. Use our House of March storage bags as inspiration and make drawstring bags to store your new bed sheets or even your shoes. Simply sew a 2.5 cm seam for the drawstring, and then sew the bag together along each side. Check out the super easy instructions from Notes From The Kitchen Table.

9) Make funky Halloween costumes. Aside from the classic Halloween ghost, which is easily made using old bedsheets, there are other amazing costumes just waiting to be made from your old bed linens. Check out these easy-to-make Halloween costume ideas from She Knows.

10) Give them away. That’s right, you might be sick of them, but if your bed sheets are still in good nick, one of your friends may want them. You know the old saying ‘one person’s junk is another person’s treaure’.

So you can see, if you have already purchased your new House of March sheets and are now considering throwing away your old ones, then you have lots of other options!

If you come up with some other amazing ideas for your old bed sheets, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Booney Jones says:

    Nice ideas of reusing a bed sheet. You can also turn your old sheet into a beautiful shopping bag or make something decorative for your room. I’ll use your ideas definitely. Thanks for sharing.

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