Won’t It Be Nice When ‘Fairtrade’ Is Just ‘Trading’

photo of an organic farmer

What Does Fairtrade Mean?

Fairtrade, you have heard this phrase many times but what does it really mean?

At House of March we believe that Fair-trade means decent working conditions, better prices, local sustainability and fair trading terms for the farmers growing our cotton and for the artisans helping to create our beautiful products. We live in a global world where we are able to purchase products made from all corners of the planet. How can buyers be assured that the people involved in the supply train were treated with respect and dignity? Often there is no transparency in what consumers purchase online. There is often no way to know if the product being purchased was made using Fairtrade standards. Often consumers don’t know whether the method used to create it caused a negative impact to the environment. Too often, consumers have no idea whether the product was made by paying below the minimum wage or, even worse, by using child labour.

Conventional trade often discriminates against developing country workers by paying them below market rate. This means that often they cannot improve their position and cannot have more control over their lives and work.

At House of March we believe this is wrong.

Transparency In The Supply Chain

By having a transparent supply chain, House of March can ensure that we partner with Fairtrade certified third parties. This means that we are helping to alleviate poverty and support economic growth for organic farmers. The workers in our supply chain are treated with respect and dignity and are paid a decent wage for their work. We also ensure that we work with partners who do not discriminate against race, age, religion, sex, political opinion etc. We are a Fairtrade certified company, which means that ourselves and all of the partners in our supply chain have passed the stringent Fairtrade checks. It also means that a percentage of your purchase is guaranteed to go back into the Fairtrade community.

Fairtrade should not be seen as assistance for workers, but rather as a professional working agreement between producer and buyer. The producer wants a fair and decent wage for their product and the buyer is willing to pay it. Therefore, the transactions are based on fair business practices and respect for all involved. In short, it is just trade.

We might be early adopters in our Fairtrade business approach, but at House of March we long for the day when Fairtrade is just Trading.

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