What’s The Best Bedroom Colour?

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What’s The Best Bedroom Colour?

Having a case of the blues may be a good thing when it comes to your bedroom walls. If you are curious to know what the best bedroom colour is then a survey conducted by Travelodge, of 2000 British homes may answer this question for you. According to the survey, blue walls in the bedroom promote calming and soothing feelings. Blue rooms also lower blood pressure and heart rate. People who have blue bedroom walls reported having the best sleeps -approximately 8 hours a night. The same sleepers also reported waking up with happy and positive feelings.

A Dreary Room = Less Comfortable Sleep

If your room is painted purple, grey or brown then you might want to think about grabbing a paint brush as these were found to be the least sleep-inducing colours. Purple was reported as being too stimulating and therefore reduced sleep hours to as little as 6 hours. Brown and grey were noted as being too dreary and likely to make people feel emotionally isolated and uncomfortable and therefore less likely to sleep well.

Yellow and Green are excellent colours for your bedroom, with surveyed people clocking up an average of 7 hours 40 minutes sleep in rooms painted these colours. fourth and fifth on the list were Silver and Orange.

This does seem to indicate that the colour of your bedroom decor can directly influence how you feel and therefore how well you sleep.

Additional findings suggested that surveyed people who sleep in a grey room were more likely to shop online in bed, while those with a silver decor are more likely to exercise in their bedroom.

Because room colour can directly influence your mood and therefore your sleep, it is worth spending a little extra time deciding on the colour of your bedroom walls. To help you decide, we have listed the hours per sleep per colour below.

How Much Sleep Does Each Bedroom Colour Give?

Blue = 7hrs 52mins

Yellow = 7hrs 40mins

Green = 7hrs 36mins

Silver = 7hrs 33mins

Orange = 7hrs 28mins

Red = 6hrs 58mins

Gold = 6hrs 43mins

Grey= 6hrs 12mins

Brown= 6hrs 05mins

Purple= 5hrs 56mins

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