Six Auckland Cafes For Ethical Eats

Tart Bakery, Grey Lynn,

Situated near House of March HQ, Tart Bakery is one of our go to spots for ethical eats and we just want to say 1 word: PIES! That’s right, if you want a traditional kiwi pie but one that is veganised, then you must stop here. Tart Bakery serves traditional bakery treats that contain vegan only ingredients allowing you a guilt free scoff. Bakery favourites such as: Sausage rolls, Pies, Sandwiches, Pizza slices and Cakes all get a vegan remake and are perfect for a meat-free Monday chow down. We promise, you won’t miss the dairy or meat at all. Tart only has a couple of seats outside, so it really is a grab and run place, but it’s definitely worth a visit. But, don’t just believe us, Tart Bakery has been voted New Zealand’s best bakery in 2017 by the NZ Herald! Hurrah!!

The Midnight Baker, Mt Eden

A tiny cafe that is always busy and for very good reason. Situated on Dominion Road, The Midnight Baker serves up vegetarian treats alongside their gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free bread. Ethical eats dishes such as: ‘Creamy garlic Mushrooms’ and ‘Abobo ‘Not Pork’ and ‘House Made Smokey Baked Beans’ are taste bud sensations and will have you wanting to lick your plate clean! Most dishes are served on their own bread and it is super filling. We reckon whatever they put in that bread is packed full of energy because you leave completely full up. The prices are extremely reasonable and if you want to take a taste of the cafe home with you, then consider buying one of their fresh loaves of bread.

Little Bird Unbakery, Ponsonby, Britomart

Little Bird is a fantastic spot for clean eaters as it serves up vegan and raw food delights. The fresh juices/smoothies are to die for and the food is always on point. Diners can choose from the extensive a-la carte menu or opt for a treat from the counter. At HOM we are just a teeny bit addicted to their cakes. If you are heading to little bird on the weekend then you want to get there early or you will definitely have to wait for a table. The staff are always incredibly attentive though and will make sure that they seat you as soon as possible. It’s very unlikely you will go to little bird and leave unhappy. The place is simply amazing and one of the top ethical eats spots in Auckland. If you haven’t heard of it you have been living under a rock.

Little Bird Unbakery Cafe Interior
Source: Little Bird Unbakery

Raw Power Cafe, Vulcan Lane

Super healthy food that doesn’t compromise on flavour. When you want a healthy salad kick Raw Power Cafe usually have a wonderful selection of counter salads. They also have an excellent selection of juices and smoothies and their scrambled tofu is a must try. If you haven’t tried scrambled tofu before instead of scrambled eggs, then seriously, where have you been? The lemon pancakes are also one of HOM’s favourites, nom nom nom! If you want an inner city, ethical eats joint to sashay into for a quick breakfast or lunch, then this is your place.

Kokako Cafe, Grey Lynn

We don’t eat out constantly, honestly! But, when we do we love to go to this local vegetarian cafe located on a busy corner in Grey Lynn. When you walk in you will love the Kokako Cafe decor, we promise. It has a huge counter with a white tile backdrop and it is full of fresh goodies. We think that the interior could rival any modern New York eatery. There are plenty of places to sit, including lots of high stools so you won’t feel like too much of a lemon if you want to pop in and have a quick bite by yourself. Some of our favourite dishes are: ‘Coconut Cream Mushrooms’, ‘Agria Potato Hash’ and ‘Avocado Sourdough’. The prices range from $19-$23 for a brekkie and they serve up their own amazing brewed coffee! You gotta check this place out.

Kokako Cafe Interior Counter
Source: Kokako Cafe

Cafe Mimosa, Takapuna

This Organic Takapuna local goes the extra mile by being Fair Trade and free range and according to their website they are ‘Conscious Consumers’ certified. We love the ethically minded Cafe Mimosa for its great dishes but also its constant hubbub. The place is long and skinny with a small outdoor space and is usually packed to the rafters. Some of our favourites are the ‘Moroccan Mushrooms on Freedom Loaf’ (loaf made by The Midnight Baker), ‘Eggs Benedict with Tumeric Hollandaise’ and their ‘Smoothie bowls’ that come in options: ‘Acai’, ‘Green’ or ‘Mango’. If you are on the North Shore and are looking for a fabulous ethical eats brekkie or brunch, then you shouldn’t go past this divine little local.

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