Percale Or Sateen Cotton – Which Should You Buy?

When it comes to the question of which bedding to buy – Percale or Sateen cotton, we at House of March have to state that we think you should buy both. Why? Because we find them both to be utterly delicious.

But, if money or space is a factor and you can only choose one, then it comes down to a matter of preference. Both Percale and Sateen cotton are functionally the same with neither having an advantage or disadvantage. It really does come down to whichever you like the best.

If you are stumped about which to buy, have a read of our description of each below and see if that helps make your mind up (hint, hint, buy both!)

Percale Cotton

Adjectives such as Crisp, Cool & Light are often used to describe Percale bedding. Percale is a closely woven plain weave fabric that has virtually no sheen. Our Percale can be compared to your favourite white shirt – clean, crisp and functional. Our high end Percale sheets are quite simply a bedroom must have, especially during the warm summer months. We have scoured the globe to find you the most perfect Percale and believe we have. House of March’s Percale bedding is light and breathable and incredibly soft.

Sateen Cotton

Adjectives such as Silky, Lustrous & Luminous are often used to describe Sateen bedding. Sateen is usually a more tightly woven fabric than Percale and is generally a little thicker. It has a silky smooth surface and generally a slight lustre or sheen to the finish. Our high end Sateen sheets are silky smooth against your skin and are perfect for snuggling in the cold winter months. All of House of March’s Sateen duvet covers are adorned with a top stitched colour band to add a chic and contemporary touch to your bedroom.

Whatever fabric you decide to choose, you are going to sleep better with House of March bedding. Buy it here to try for yourself

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