Washing And Storing Bedding – House of March’s Tips

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Freshly washed bedding, simply divine isn’t it?  OK maybe we are a little obsessed with freshly washed bedding here at House of March, but we do see it as one of life’s little joys! But how should you be washing and storing bedding so that your sheets arrive to your bed extra-soft and wrinkle free?

Don’t know the answer? Well, look no further than House of March’s list below.

Tips For Washing And Storing Bedding:

Wash On A Gentle Cycle & In Cool Water

The more gentle and cool the cycle, the softer your sheets will be. No piping hot washes please! Hot washes degrade the fibres of your cotton which leads to damaged bedding. Hot washes can also cause shrinkage. Choosing a gentle wash will ensure that your bedding is properly washed instead of a more aggressive wash which may only give the bedding a surface wash. This is our number 1 tip for washing and storing bedding.

Use Less Detergent

In the case of detergent, less is definitely more. By using too much detergent you can cause a build up of detergent on and in the fibres of the bedding. This detergent build up can leave you with stiff sheets.

Shake The Bedding

Before putting your bedding in the dryer, take the bedding out of the washing machine and give it a good shake. Shaking the bedding will help to reduce wrinkles. Next, dry on a low-medium setting.

Half Fill Your Dryer

If you overfill the dryer you will leave no room for your sheets to fluff up. So, refrain from filling the dryer completely and you are more likely to have less wrinkly sheets.

Remove Your Bedding From The Dryer Early

Take your bedding out of the dryer a few minutes before the cycle ends. It will be only the slightest bit damp, but this amount of moisture is enough to help you smooth out any wrinkles that might have otherwise set in. Place the sheets on your bed straight away and use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles. Alternatively, you can smooth away the wrinkles with your hands and fold the bedding ready for storage. If we were to choose our favourite tip from our washing and storing bedding list, it would be this one. Who doesn’t love wrinkle free sheets?

Store Your Bedding In A Dry Place

It makes sense that your bedding should be stored in a dry place as this will help keep bedding enemies Mould and Mildew at bay! A drying cupboard or linen cupboard is the perfect place to store your freshly washed bedding as it will allow air to circulate and will keep dampness away. Your complimentary House of March storage bag will keep humidity and dust away from your bedding while still allowing air to circulate. If you don’t have a House of March storage bag, then you may want to store your bedding in a pillowcase, just make sure that you don’t over stuff it so that you ruin its shape. Never store your bedding in plastic bags as this may encourage mould and mildew to form.

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